Escaping the pit

29541678_2336489139710780_8326859642904277903_nYesterday I had an opportunity to add a little fun to my daily workout routine, jumping at Area 51!  We came out to live a little and share the word in a fun, relatable way.  I got an amazing workout in while God took an opportunity to teach me an important lesson.  I often write to help myself process things and to share what I have learned in hopes it will help someone else.

As a rule, I avoid the foam pits at A51, they are tough to climb out of, but yesterday I decided to jump in and let me tell you!  Boy!  I caught the absolute blues trying to get out.  Wait, let me rewind.  Now, before I ever jumped in I was talking to my Pastor.  As she encouraged me to navigate the obstacle course and I climbed onto the first swing I looked across and asked, “How am I suppose to get across”?  I looked around and pondered for a second but then started to freak out because here I was with no viable options for me to navigate with.  I simply wanted an example…like was I suppose to jump that distance or what?  Needless to say, I still don’t know.

Now presenting, lesson one: So many times I have found myself in situations that I could not initially figure out and slowly panic begins to blind me to what I did see that could possibly help me.  This panic sometimes temporarily halts me and if I let it sit too long, I end up staying in a place too long.  So the trick for me is to remain calm and trust that what I need is available to me if I just take the time to find it.  

Lesson 2: Instead of taking my time to really think about it, I allowed myself to feel pressured into making a quick decision.  Sometimes quick decisions are wise, but I had not assessed the situation, so a rash decision was not necessarily the best.  There are those who have no problem making a decision and then cleaning it up as they go along.  There are times for those kinds of decisions in everyone’s life.  I am a very methodical and calculated person so to respond rashly can often be troublesome for me.  From this situation, I realized that often I allow others to move me instead of trusting my own instinct of what to do in a situation to be what moves me.  Possibly this is because I do not fully trust me to make the right decision.  Once I realize what I need is here and I know who I am characteristically (methodical, thorough, detailed) and take the time to think it through from start to finish I can trust my decision.

29683313_2337628419596852_4469195890231492997_nLesson 3: Guess what I did, I jumped into the pit.  Yes, the very same pit I told you I dread climbing out of, I chose to jump in.  At first, it was going fine and then I got stuck.  I got so stuck that I was sinking lower and no matter how I tried to climb out my feet just sunk lower.  Now, remember, I was not taking the time to think I was just acting.  I knew I needed to get “above” the foam but my logic in how to do this was not sound, yet.  So then, finally I calmed and sat still for a second.  In the second that I sat still, that is all I did…I just stood there.  As I stood I got the idea to dig my feet out, so I cleared the pit to move my legs out of the “stuck” position and then I had to fill the pit again to be able to climb “out”.  The lesson here was simple, sometimes you have the right answer it is just the wrong perspective (in this case the wrong application or method).  It did not take anything super deep or creepy to get me out, I just needed to stop and reassess.   If you would like to catch a glimpse of our day at A51 see the live feed below.


We are relentless in our pursuits!


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