Juggling 7 children, a full-time job, and a personal life is challenging to say the least.  Needless to say, sometimes my daughter’s felt like they could not, or maybe should not ask for my time.  So, to adjust for this I built time into my schedule to spend time with each of them one-on-one.  Initially, it started out as just spending a few minutes a few times a week with each of them but as time progressed that became tougher and tougher to do uninterrupted, especially when my career was more demanding.  At some point, we evolved into Mommy/Daughter days which actually work better for me.

Anyway, I recently finished a round of Mommy/Daughter Day shenanigans which reminded me of a very valuable lesson and after watching a mini-sermonette on it, I thought it was worth the share.  Mommy/Daughter days have one restriction, you only get one day per turn.  Aside from that, you can plan whatever you would like.  Historically the girls all generally simply decide to go out to dinner, catch a movie, or maybe a trip to the nail salon.  However, this time around things went slightly different.  The older 5 all held to their usual choices, but the youngest 2 changed the game.  Maybe, it is because they were a lot older now…maybe it is because it had been a very long time since they all had Mommy/Daughter days and they had plenty of time to plan.  Regardless of what caused the change, they were well prepared for their day with mom.

20180120_192110First was Syd.  Syd told me earlier in the week she wanted to go bowling (and of course she left out playing in the arcade, but I already knew) and to get her long overdue ice cream sundae.  By the day’s end, we bowled, played at Chuck E. Cheese, had Lit Pizza, visited Marble Slab (for ice cream of course), and got our nails done.  Needless to say, we were pretty late getting home.  Syd came home overjoyed and as she runs down her day to her sister’s the only thing her youngest sister had to say is, “I’m next right, Mommy?”

For a full week, Kayleigh counted down to her day with me.  She had already told me her plans:  first, we were going to go to the mall and get me something and then get her something, then we would leave the mall and go to Walmart and get me something then her something and after that, we were going to the toy store.  eyes_ Wait, what did I just sign up for?  Well, Kayleigh’s day finally arrives but of course I went to the gym first and she had to call to check on my eta a few times before I made it home, but she was ready to rock ‘n roll when I got home.  Gulp.  So, we started out on our day.  First, we had to get food which she wanted from McDonald’s.  She told me what we were eating.  It’s her day so I go with it, in all fairness she told me I could go somewhere else and get my food because she knows I do not like McDonald’s…at all.  So, I sat and ate my happy meal nugget with extra fries (cheat meal) and we set off on our adventure.  As we pull up to the mall and walk inside this child makes a beeline for LUSH as soon as we pass through Macy’s.  Inside LUSH, she grabs not one, not 2, but 4 bath bombs.  From LUSH we head to Lolli and Pops (and secretly I send up a prayer, because the last time we were here she picked up a gummy bear almost as big as her and there was NO WAY I was going to buy that sugar rush), once inside she commences to grab every candy I would agree with.  The damage was not bad honestly and she shared so, I counted it as a win in the end.  Mind you I’m thinking what did I get and I remember –> at LUSH, I got a bath bomb and in the candy store –> I got some gummy’s so this little one is holding true to her plan.  Then we have to head over to Walmart and get the items I refused to buy at Lolli and Pops, and of course, it’s Walmart so I grab several other items we need for the house and little Miss Kayleigh mentions she’s hungry again so we agree on Taco Bell.  Once in the car, Kayleigh tells me she’s tired and we can just go home instead.  Score!  person-raising-both-hands-in-celebration_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-5_1f64c-1f3fe_1f3fe


From all of this, the reminder I walked away with was simply this, how many times had I responded to God the same way my older girls responded to the opportunity to have a Mommy and Me day.  How many times had I minimized his ability to provide for me in a dynamic way by limiting the possibilities?  How many times had I decided what He would do instead of just trusting His promises?  I know Him to be a Good Good Father.  His track record is impeccable.  My daughters reminded me, that just as innocently as she took me at my word that promised she could have and do whatever she wanted to because it was her day, that I can trust God the same way.  All I have to do is let Him be God and get out of my own way.  Just as simple as that.  Just let Him be God because as long as I’m worried about it, trying to do it in my own strength, or failing to trust Him there is no room or need for Him to handle it.  Because I got it, …right?  Wrong.  I hope this reminder blessed you as much as it blessed me.  Thank you, Syd and Kay.  I love you to the moon and back, Mommy is going to rest and let God do the heavy lifting.  This was a tough lesson.


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  1. Love love love when our kiddies teach us lessons! Thanks so much for you transparency and honesty. I ALWAYS love reading your post and leave with a “nugget” to apply in my own life. Love you lots, Taylor!!!

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