RESET 2.0 – Focus

Last year, one of my daughters got a much-needed upgrade to her phone (it was hanging on but still working).  Unlike everyone else in the family that upgraded, she was able to hold onto her old phone as it would not have garnered me much money to trade in, but we could use it as a “backup phone”.  (Let’s not debate the benefits of selling it myself vs. trading it in ok?  Thanks.) However, my daughter was not ready to let it go just yet, though this should not be a foreign idea to her as she lost her info once before when her old phone broke.  Needless to say, she talked herself into all kinds of reasons to not let it go.  So, there she was with 2 phones and an overloaded iCloud.  Fast forward, to a couple of weeks ago, a close family friend needed a phone and she voluntarily offered her backup phone…might I remind you she still has not transferred everything from the old phone AND she still has tons of information in this “old” phone, but she does her best to transfer old to new and reset the phone.

As with most things we do in haste, it was not quite right and soon she noticed weird items popping up on the new phone and other items disappearing from the new phone.  Houston we have a problem.  So, it turns out she did not remove her account from the phone so everything done on the old phone was affecting the new phone.  Quickly I noticed the parallels this had to life.  Like how a decision for my future is impacted by an old relationship/association…or maybe the finding yourself with a new boss, but they start making decisions that remind you of the old boss, but you are stuck on the effects (and sometimes affects) of the old decision so you cannot see the difference nor can you respond in a way that allows this new relationship/situation flourish on its own.  How often do we know we need to let something go, but because of a million different reasons, we just hold on and figure?  “I’ll do it”…eventually.  You know?

The problem with holding on to things longer than you should is that it fosters bitterness and causes frustration…eventually, it can lead to fear.  I recall staying at a job too long.  I knew without a doubt God said I needed to move on.  But I had developed a connection to the people and built lasting relationships.  Soul ties do not always involve sex.  I had become comfortable, but it was time to go and I stayed.  Then frustration started to grow and when I finally left I had started to feel bitter.  The fight that ensued afterward further imbittered me and fear began to build.  Fear of trusting, fear of making the wrong decisions, fear of staying too long, fear of leaving too soon.  Ugly.  Dirty.  Dusty.  Paralyzing fear.  All of this, plus a plethora of other things I was still holding onto left me needing to heal from the bitterness, the hurt, the anger, criticality, and a judging spirit that found its way to my address.  I had begun to filter everything through those dirty “lenses” caused by the compilation of hurt and I had developed tons more “triggers”.  I was beginning to see everything through that pain and misplaced trust – it tainted new relationships, both work and personal, but God gave me time to heal.

Now, if I had just let go when God told me to…if my daughter had just let go when she first got her phone…but


I cannot condemn what God has forgiven, that includes me.  person-raising-both-hands-in-celebration_emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type-5_1f64c-1f3fe_1f3fe

So you mean to tell me, that even if I hold on too long, become bitter, angry, judgemental, critical, etc. but repent all is forgiven?  Yep.  If God does not remember it, who am I to hold onto it?  Maybe a better question is who benefits from me holding onto it?  Or asking what makes me choose to remember what has already been forgiven and forgotten?

Remember that repenting does not mean feeling guilty about doing wrong or simply saying your sorry.  Repentance is a heart check, you have to turn your heart and change your mind, then every time it comes back up simply drop it again.  Forgetting and letting go should be done every time the enemy tries to remind you of your past transgressions because it seeks to condemn and paralyze us.  The enemy uses it to keep us from pursuing and moving forward, so do yourself a favor and forget it.  Have faith in God’s word and become fearless.

Declare with me:




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