textgram_1512756030Man, 2017 is drawing its final breath and closing out!  Are you ready?  Reality is, whether we are ready or not, the year is ending today and there is nothing we can do to change it.  I do not know about you, but my 2017 has been a roller coaster ride for real.   There have been more hills and valleys than I can recall from any year before.  I’ve grown, I’ve cried, I’ve rejoiced, started over, and so much more.  As the year ends it is customary to begin, to think about and anticipate what the coming year may hold and how to walk through it.

This year instead of declaring and proclaiming, how about we simply RESET, you know?  Just focus on forgiving and forgetting, spending time in the Creators presence acknowledging that we have limits but He does not.  You know, a hard RESET, where we stop fighting the process, exchange negative reactions,  and accept the new support system being given to us for the coming promotions of 2018?  A real RESET, where we wait on His rescue plan, because His promises will come to pass.

Forgiving and forgetting, such a loaded process.  I am a strong advocate for letting things go, yet lately I’ve noticed there are many layers to truly letting go.  I recall a time from my childhood where 2 young ladies took advantage of how naive and trusting I was, then laughed about it and teased me.  As a result it caused me to be slower to trust people, especially when it came to my money.  This lead to my development of a “trigger”.  Across the platform of my life many “triggers” have been formed and I work daily to uncover them and grow past them, because my future does not deserve to be held hostage by my past.  I recognize that just as I have been hurt by others, I have hurt others myself, sometimes knowingly and other times unknowingly. With the revelation that I have been forgiven, I choose to forgive others one day and one layer at a time.  Holding onto pain, hurt, and bitterness do a great job of holding us in bondage and the person we are upset with simply continues to live their life, while we sit and hold onto poison.  I choose to forgive, because I have been forgiven.  It is not easy to let go of some things, and thus I do not expect anyone to be able to walk away cold turkey but work to be free of the bondage of recycling pain.

Take some time to RESET….

I know without a doubt I am a mess.  I make tons of mistakes, sometimes I beat myself up, sometimes I’m full of myself.  I work to stay grounded remembering that I was not put here to be perfect, I am here to be a reflection of the love I am given, to share what I have learned, and to be patient with others through their process just as others have been patient with me.  Realizing that I am human and full of flaws, takes some of the pressure to be perfect from me, but in acknowledging my shortcomings, I also recognize God’s great love, kindness, and mercy towards me.   In response to His love, I choose to spend time in His presence singing of His love toward me.  Praise, it’s what I do.

Take some time to RESET…

Exchanging hatred/spitefulness, slander, anger, etc. for love, kindness, and forgiveness is fraught with opposition.  Without belaboring the topic, I will simply say it is easy to respond in anger to anger, or spite but it is truly an unending cycle.  It requires integrity and character to face evil but respond in love.  It is not easy, but it is doable.

Take some time to RESET

Learning the delicate balance of exchange you may run into some “triggers” which make it hard to trust the support system around you.  We find ourself pushing people away without realizing it and not trusting people because they remind us of people who have hurt us and misused us in the past.  Sometimes, we have come to be self-reliant living on our own personal island.  We were created to trust, grow, and live together in “community”.  To grow to where we are suppose to be we have to trust the support system in our process and fall forward.  If it happens, then it is part of the plan, absorb it and allow it to grow you.  Allow your community to stretch you and expose you to new levels, new experiences, and increase your influence.  No one can take you where they have never been, that being said watch your community.  Some of the people in your community may need to be freed…

Let’s RESET – Revive.  Engage.  Soar.  Expand.  Transform.

25659693_2196458570380505_8336946095294127877_nMore to Come.

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