More lessons from a cell phone

Previously I told you how my cell phone blessed me, well I’m still learning from it.

So previously I mentioned that my phone was in a perpetual power cycle loop and the only way I could get the phone to stay on and work was if I kept it connected to a continuous power source.  See that post here.

Well turns out, there was even more affecting my phone.  As mentioned before I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and many of you know recently Samsung released its latest edition the S8 and S8 plus.  Now, any time a new phone is released, there is also an update to software and system requirements.  So, given my Note 4 was around 3 years old and “technically” 4 generations behind current technology I was bound to have some issues right?

Long story short, I finally decided to call AT&T to trouble shoot my phone and see if I could just get a new memory card and battery, but to my dismay the wonderful lady on the other end of the phone said, “Ma’am, I suggest you file an insurance claim and have the device replaced.”  Of course, I was not trying to hear that because I could go buy a battery for about $30 and get a larger SD card and transfer information to free up space.  But as time elapsed during the day, I decided she was right and I should stop trying to hold on to the dead phone.  After all buying the memory card would be a great help but what if doing both of those things still did not fix the phone?  I would still have to fork over the deductible for the insurance claim, so I decided that I would not pay to stay where I was.  When I got to the site and filed the claim, I noticed my phone would be replaced with a more up-to-date galaxy, now this probably has more to do with availability but the entire process spoke to me on a different “level”.

To me, it was just like growing into new levels in life.  You cannot operate on a new level using old methodology or technology.  Meaning, the same level of intensity you used in the last season of your life may not be able to stand up to the problems and concerns of your current level.  As a child/teenager I use to play video games with my brother .  Side note: he was always better than me.  Anyway, what you notice in video games is a tendency to learn new skills for the level your on that will help you to more effectively defeat the “Master” at the end of that level or stage.  A lot of times, you can still use the old skills to beat the master but you have to be far more skilled with the old techniques, than at using the new ones.

So going back to my phone.  Usually, I do not install the updates on my phone until long after the bugs have been addressed or fixed or until I “figure” the updates will not impact me greatly.  However, there are some updates that I have no choice about – these are called forced (pushed) updates.  So, regardless of my desire to delay or never upgrade to the most recent version, sometimes they are non-negotiable as the older system is no longer compatible or is obsolete.

My phone reminded me that although Familiar” is comfortable and I can often still find a way to function in Familiar:  

  1. It almost always cost more to do so
  2. I can fight the update and the growth being offered or I can simply upgrade my mindset, perspective, and style of life by learning the needed skills

Not all upgrades are created equal – you get out of them what your willing to expend.

In my case I was blessed with a higher value upgrade for a fraction of the cost.

  • Stop paying to stay at a level below your capability.
  • Stop cutting back on your abilities to stay “stuck” in stasis.
  • Get the upgrade, it may not be as expensive as you think.


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