Lessons from a cell phone

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Roughly 2 weeks ago, my cell phone (Galaxy Note 4), started randomly power cycling.  This was not a brand new issue because over the life of the phone it would randomly do this, but usually it would stay powered on after turning off.  This time it was different, instead of powering off and then back on it stayed in more of a continuous power cycle loop.  Given that I can be a bit tech savvy, I tried a couple of things to get the issue fixed – hard reset, removing the sd card, etc.  The only thing that seemed to work was to plug it into the charger for a while, although I confirmed that it had a charge.

This suggested to me, I had a weak battery or there was not enough free memory on the phone for it to completely power on and remain on.  This revelation illuminated some instances in my life in which I have found myself running on fumes and almost burnt out and other times when I was so disconnected that I fell into depression running on auto-pilot.  All too often I cannot access lessons learned, because they are buried beneath all of the other lessons and interactions that I have encountered in life.  This does not mean I should stop learning, instead it means I should filter better.

From this I took 2 things:

  1. It is imperative that I periodically check my battery for weak cells, to ensure I’m not demanding too much from the reserves I have.  Likewise I need to periodically refill/replace cells to prevent them from failing me when I need them.
    • What does that look like in real life?
      • Taking time out for TEA (Time Enjoyed Alone)
      • Spending time in the Word of God
      • Spending time investing in my future – dreaming, writing goals, visions, planning, starting the actions
  2. If I want the full facility of my brain to be available to me, not only do I need to spend time exercising it – I must also free it of unnecessary stresses, thoughts, and pressure.
    • What does that look like in real life?
      • Spending time with those who I can confide in and vent up to
      • Learn to release what I cannot change
      • Meditate on God’s thoughts about me – Declaring it often
      • When thoughts of worry arise repeat above

My cellphone reminded me, that I am important, it reminded me that I have to take care of me daily.  If I neglect me, then I cannot help anyone because I do not have enough power to be present for myself, let alone them.  We are better together.

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