Po’ tential

Friday I took my youngest daughter to a production given by the Kindergarten students at the school she will attend next year.  The production was very age appropriate and fun to watch.  My 4-year old loved it!  At the end of the presentation they asked for all of the incoming Kindergartners to stand and come up front because the current students had a special gift for them (a personalized welcome card).  I thought to myself, “Awe, that’s pretty cool!”  My daughter on the other hand was petrified.  She absolutely refused to stand let alone go up front.  I even offered to go with her, but instead she went from being my agile little lightweight to a lead-footed, heavyweight.

Initially, I was stunned because her whole demeanor changed almost instantly.  Her brain had figured it out before they said come up front and she wasn’t budging.  I pulled out every stop to convince her to go up front, but she refused.  Although, the lady sitting next to us, did her best to undercover bully me into taking her up despite her protests I allowed baby girl to win.

Once everything was over and we were headed to the truck, my 4 year-old began to run down a huge list of reasons why she shouldn’t go to Kindergarten next year.  She wasn’t big like her sister, she sometimes got mixed up on her numbers, she doesn’t like kindergarten, etc.  Ultimately, she was afraid.  This news did not surprise me, because of all of my children Kayleigh is the most regimented.  She does not like change and it takes time and forewarning to prepare her for the adjustments.  Consistency allows her to feel safe.

As I listened to Kayleigh give me reason after reason (or excuse after excuse – depends on your perspective) to explain why she should not go to Kindergarten, I heard myself and the litany of excuses I’ve given God over the years about why I should not do something. As I listened to her I watched a snapshot reel in my head of the countless times I said, “God if this is your will then… or God if this is really you confirm it by…, God okay, make your answer plain, dummy proof, …”

Despite the fact that Kayleigh and I talked through all of her reasoning’s, she still felt like she couldn’t do it.  It did not matter that she had proven she possessed the skills to “conquer” Kindergarten, she did not “feel” ready.  It did not matter what I said or what support she got from anyone else because she had already decided what it was, what it is, and what it was going to be.  As a parent, I was a little embarrassed and a little frustrated, because I know what she is capable of.  Now I do things with her to build her confidence in her abilities and talk to her about the upcoming transitions.

Essentially what I’m trying to draw your attention to is, potential isn’t worth anything unless the person who “possesses” it takes action.  You just need to do something and God will guide your steps, but if you never move, if you never begin an action He cannot do anything.  Willingness, requires a corresponding action.  Just move and God will lead.  Seek Him first and all these things will be added to those who…


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