So, for the last 2 weeks, I have avoided writing.  Not because I didn’t have anything to say or write, trust me I’ve had ideas swarming around in my head.  I’ve honestly avoided it.  In part because I’m afraid, afraid – do you believe that?  Ha!  It is very hard for most people to believe anything intimidates me or that my confidence fails.  But it does.  For a very long time I allowed myself to live under a heavy cloud of oppression and depression. I often have to remind myself that “similar does not mean same“, meaning just because the current situation may resemble times from the past it is not the same.  Sometimes I have to overcome the thoughts swarming around in my head, that try to convince me I’m losing.

It is easy to be bogged down by small skirmishes and forget that in the middle of a war you have no idea who’s winning.  You have to wait until its over or until there is a moment where you can recount the battle.  It is in that delineation that you realize you truly were winning all along.  It is your opponents job to convince you that you are losing, and that you are incapable of being successful because after all, if they can convince you to quit they win.  I have to remind myself regularly that I am powerful and not powerless.  I am not the person I was before, my core is the same, but…  I am stronger, I am wiser, I am full of faith, I am blessed, I am highly favored, I am a leader, and come what may I always rise to the occasion because I am not alone.

Somewhere in the middle of reaffirming myself, I remember who I am and I remember who my Daddy is and how much he loves me.  I remember that He loves me without qualification, as hard as that is to fathom, it is true.  I am well able to take possession of the land before me to build something that will remain.  It was already promised to me.  Is there a dream waiting for you to possess it?  Is there land you are afraid to explore?  Is there a dream inside of you that you are afraid to admit?  If you are afraid of it, chances are you are perfectly, imperfect enough to achieve it.  Our flaws allow God’s strength to be made perfect in us, so technically the very thing you feel like you need to fix first is what makes you perfect for the job.  Seek Him first and everything else will follow.  You got this!

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