Last night I cried without a tear ever running down my cheek or escaping my eyes.  My tears were all internal, not because I was hiding some extreme sadness or pain.  Instead, they were tears that somehow signified what once could break me, now has almost no effect.  They were an indication of growth and evidence of new levels of strength.  While the intended action was purposed to potentially bring me to my knees or push me into arms which once provided superficial comfort, this time it only reassured me that my Daddy had me covered.

So, instead of raw emotions driving me to rash reactions, I was able to respond with the love my Father gave me and praise Him for reassurance that I am exactly who I should be, exactly when I should be.  I do not have to fret about where I should be or what I have not become because He knew my path before I was born and yet, He still trusted me to be the right one to walk it out.  So, as I push forward into territory unknown to me, I am not afraid.  I am excited and exuberant!  I am a tad bit antsy about what’s to come, but being in a hurry is rarely ever beneficial.  In the meantime, I dance in the hallway and write.

May these thoughts encourage you: One day, the very pain you were afraid to experience can be what renews your strength and fortitude to endure and overcome.  Someone, somewhere is depending on you to win, so your victory can fuel theirs.  You win.  They win.  We win!

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