I have often contemplated the idea of blogging, but quite frankly never took myself seriously enough to commit to do it on a regular basis and who knows maybe I will abandon this idea, but for now as my soul speaks, so will I.  As time goes you will notice I’m a bit quirky but extremely passionate.  I will do my best to not offend, but let’s be honest sometimes we must be offended to grow.  To that end, I will never intentionally seek to hurt anyone for any reason, but I will challenge myself to grow and be the best version of me daily.  Hopefully this will encourage others to live their truth in the process.

I came across this as I was cleaning my email drafts (from Nov 2005 – I will do better) and found it profound, I doubt that I wrote it but I cannot find evidence of who could have written it.  If you know the author please share it with me and I’ll update it to reflect the information.

Create This Day

What kind of day will this day be?  It will be whatever you create it to be.

For when this day is over, what will matter most is not the assortment of events and conditions it brought to you.  What will truly matter is what you have done with it all.

Rather than complaining about or making judgments about the negative energy coming your way, you can refocus that energy in a positive direction.  With the minutes and hours, circumstances and events serving as raw material, you can create a day that’s very much of your own choosing.

As you sail across life’s ocean, you cannot control which way the wind is blowing.  Yet you can adjust your sails so that you’ll move precisely in the direction you have chosen.

As you go through this day, you cannot control the thoughts, words, and actions of others.  Yet you can adjust your own attitude, responses and actions to create a perfectly wonderful, effective and fulfilling day out of whatever the world hand you.

Just as surely as you can create a thought in your mind, you can create this day in the way you choose.  So choose right now, and in every moment, to create the best day yet.

Life can either bless you or bury you, the difference is your attitude towards life.

~Author unknown~

Please share if it inspires, uplifts, or blesses you maybe it will do the same for the next person too and with that, I bid you adieu.

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